Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BIG shocks for the trainers in the 2nd Concert

The faces of most of the trainers of the potential Malaysia singing stars in the reality show tell all about the talents. They were obviously in disbelief that the second concert was worst than the first which should be otherwise. So the trainers and the young contestants need to work hard on their vocal s and presentation.

The young talent who was voted out by fans through their mobile, phones was Ika. It was her turned to claim the red Samsonite suitcase. She was one of the weakest from the very beginning. Faisal safe for the time being.

This wasNadia who over did Umbrella otherwise gave energy to the second concert. She may be the next "black" Malay with her husky and funky voice. But the jury did not like it, so were the Malaysian fans who still could not fail to see her great talent. Nonetheless you guys out there should start voting through your mobiles, iphone and smartphones.

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