Saturday, April 19, 2008

5th Concert: Much Better; Saida Left

The 5th concert last night was better than the previous two.  So the worst has to go and it was Saida, the elder sister of Malaysian superstar, Datuk Nurhaliza.  Many felt it was the right decision of the mobile phone voters from Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

All the members of the jury were happy  with the concert.  This included the Indonesian superstar, Hetty Koes Endang.  She had nice words for the good contestants, in particular Nadia, Riz and Stacy.   The sad thing was that Nubhan who was singing well at the start of the reality show is now losing his talent.  May be trying hard to put into practice those theories from the teachers.  The same thing can  be said about Mama Rina.

This is a marathon and a long the way those who showed early promises may not be able to sustain the grueling schedules and unsuitable songs.  But their fate is in the handphones, your mobiles or smartphones. And also don't forget to watch your TV or home theater.

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